Brings the Meeting To You

Meet the contacts and referrals that can make a big difference to your bottom  line.

  • Desktop Meetings

    Attend meetings from your office.
  • Laptop or Tablet

    Attend meetings from your home.
  • Phone Access

    Attend meetings anywhere you have an internet connection.



Attend local networking meetings from your home, office or anywhere you have a connection.

Use your Cell Phone, Laptop, Desktop, or Tablet.


Contacts and Referrals

Meet business professionals in specific geographic areas of your choice that can make a big difference to your bottom line. Work together as part of a team assisting each other in creating new business through contacts, referrals and business advice. And, it's quite common for the businesses you meet to utilize your service personally.

Prospecting & Closing Rates

Your prospect list will likely explode with new names and businesses to call on. What’s more, it will change your prospects from cold to warm, or already sold, due to the referral source. And, that means a higher closing rate without even mentioning that your group members can and are likely to become your clients and customers, too!

Group Meeting Information


Meeting Details

What You Will Need

A commitment to attend the weekly 45 minute group meeting.

A commitment to help your group members’ businesses grow.

A cell phone, laptop, desktop or tablet connected to the internet.

Registration to (free membership is available). Read more about privacy.

A membership to Business Networking

Membership Plans

Prices are per member per group.

6 Month



1/2 Price
Introductory Offer



Offer ends 5/31/20




1/2 Price
Introductory Offer



Offer ends 5/31/20